In this lecture, Carol will introduce the strange word “dialectics” and begin a dialogue around how to help clients view perspectives that are different from their own so that the process of change can be evoked. She will present the main DBT Skills Sets that are woven into each therapy session. In order to facilitate change while inserting skills, a therapist must be able to manage a stance that will embrace several core principals. These principles will be described and demonstrated. Also to provide effective therapy, the therapist must be cognizant of several core dynamics that may be invoked in the client that rival all preparedness on both their parts. Carol will name the biological and social dynamics at play. Then for the grand finale, a brief modeling of how to juggle it all so that everything can come together in a therapy session . Now that is a delicate balancing act!

This lecture is geared to novices as well as seasoned students, therapists and seekers who want to learn about Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Carol’s challenge is to take this complex theory and present it in a colorful and visual way so the listener can take away in their mind’s eye a blueprint of the therapy.

Because the size of the audience will be limited to 12 people, it will be important to register for the lecture. If there is a greater demand for the lecture, dates will be posted on the website.

Date: October 25th, 2010
Time: 7:00PM

Best way to register is through email: carol@carolemersonlcsw